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When it comes to project management, there’s no need to overcomplicate it. This simple-yet-effective project tracker template gives you a centralized place to plan and keep track of every aspect of your project: ideas, preparation, execution, launch, and follow up.

Whether it’s a solo endeavor or a team effort, you can stay organized and in control from start to finish.

  • Start by getting clarity on the problem and solution, and establishing some project milestones.

  • Work through each guided phase, adding as many tasks as you need, then break them into manageable subtasks.

  • Schedule, prioritize, and assign tasks so everyone knows what to work on and when.

Note: This template works best when using multiple views. Choose list or board to work through the process, and then switch to calendar view for an overview that ensures a realistic plan. Use the "View" menu to toggle back and forth at any time.


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