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The Top 9 Productivity Myths That Just Aren’t True

And 9 more helpful alternatives you should be doing instead

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Working long hours is bad for your health and bad for your work. Here's how to break the habit...

4 Ways to Leave Work On Time Without Feeling Guilty

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Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all.

Peter Drucker

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How Tech Founder Jim Morrison Gets Things Done

The Founder of OneSub, a platform that targets news bias, has used Todoist for 6+ years

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Todoist Integrations That Will Boost Your Productivity

Start automating your life and getting more done with these apps.

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Thank You for 1 Billion Todoist Tasks

Countless accomplishments by the remarkable Todoist community

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13 Creative Ways People Are Using Todoist Boards

Get inspired by real-life examples of Boards in action

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Ask Doist: How Do You Stick to a Routine When Life Is Constantly Trying to Break It?

A remote working father of two asks how to create a routine when unexpected interruptions are inevitable

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What Planners Can Learn from Doers… and Vice Versa

Are you a planner or a doer? Learn the productivity strengths and weaknesses of each personality type.

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The Case for Making Gratitude a Year-Round Habit

A small habit with big benefits. For you and your team.

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I Declare To-Do List Bankruptcy! (and you should too)

Can't see your way out of your to-do list debt? Read this.

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The 15-Minute Habit Worth Making Time For

The benefits of journaling on productivity, and what happens in your brain when you commit words to paper

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19 Little-Known Todoist Features

Test your Todoist knowledge and pick up a few tricks along the way

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How to Use Todoist Effectively — The Complete Guide

Everything you ever wanted to know about using Todoist (and then some)

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24 Todoist Filters to Keep You Super Organized

Learn how your fellow Todoisters use filters to save time and get more done every day

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Digital Minimalism and the Radical Power of Unplugging

What Cal Newport can (and can't) teach us about digitally decluttering our lives

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Using Todoist to Successfully Manage the Symptoms of ADHD

A successful innovation consultant shares how he relies on Todoist to stay organized and productive in spite of his diagnosis.

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Step-by-Step Templates for All Your 2024 Goals

From organizing your finances to cooking at home, make a plan to accomplish your 2023 goals!

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A Quick(ish) Guide to Completing Any Project in Todoist

11 steps to take your next project from concept to completion

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How Wallpaper Designer Sian Zeng Uses Todoist to Stay Inspired & Collaborate From Home

From getting motivated creatively to managing a small business (plus exclusive wallpapers for your desktop and phone!)

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