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Where communication and collaboration come together.

Slack helps people work together as easily online as they do in person. This communication hub is designed to support the way people naturally convene, making coming together with people online as easy and efficient as it is face-to-face.

This integration with Todoist makes it effortless to create, assign, and complete tasks right from Slack, saving you time and making collaboration simpler than ever before. Here are a few things you can do with this integration:


  • Stay on top of it all by creating new Todoist tasks in Slack the moment you think of them — using the simple /todoist command.

  • Sync your Todoist list with Slack and complete any task you created in Slack from within Slack.

  • Collaborate more effectively by assigning tasks created in Slack directly to your teammates.

  • Never leave a coworker hanging by converting any Slack message into a Todoist task that you’ll complete later.

Todoist Premium is your one-stop productivity spot.

Reminders, comments, and file uploads keep you on top of it all — and labels and filters help you figure out what to tackle next.

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