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From making a grocery list to landing a new job

Goal Tracker

One of the biggest problems with goals is that we set them and forget them a few weeks, or even days, later. We need a system that connects our goals to our dai


Forgetting an appointment, whether with a friend or with a doctor, is a pain for everybody involved. Make sure you don’t do that to yourself or anybody else by


Improve your mood, decrease feelings of stress, lose some weight, build some muscle - these are just some of the benefits of regular exercise. But knowing isn’t

Grocery List

No more leaving your grocery list on the fridge! Instead, add your tasks to Todoist so you’ve got your list on your phone wherever you go. Just load up the tem

Meal Planning

Eating home-cooked meals is great for both your body and your wallet, but it's hard to have a meal on the table three times a day on top of everything else you

GTD Weekly Review

David Allen, the creator of the Getting Things Done workflow, says if you're not doing a weekly review, you're not really following GTD. To start reviewing yo

Internet Privacy & Security

From banking to our email address, we’ve all got a lot of personal information on the web that we want to keep private and secure. The good news is staying safe

Job Hunt

When it’s time to find a new job, every tiny step can mean the difference between finding one you like or missing out. From updating your social media profiles

Moving House

Moving your house can be a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t have to be. Use the Japanese art of “Sukoshi Zutsu”: Break down your tasks into little parts and co

New Year's Resolutions

A new year's resolution can be a powerful way to make a change in your life -- as long as you stick to it. To stay on track, prepare a plan ahead of time with t

Personal Blogging

There comes a time when you realize you should have a blog. It happens to everyone, but only a small percentage follow through and feel the benefits. Instead

Reading List

So much to read, so little time. So whenever you come across an article you just can’t miss or a book recommendation you actually want to take up, add it to Tod

Vacation Planning

There’s nothing quite as exciting as an upcoming vacation. Whether it’s an adventurous trip through the rainforest or a relaxing week on the beach, there’s a lo

Wedding Planning

A wedding is one of the biggest projects you and your spouse-to-be will take on together. While there’s romance and partying at the end of the road, it’s up to