Use Smashlists with Todoist

Available for

  • Business
  • Beginner
  • Pro

Smashlists is an application that sends daily, weekly or monthly email reports of what you or your collaborators have accomplished in Todoist. It’s a great tool for keeping your stakeholders up to date with the progress on your projects.


Smashlists is only available on a paid plan. More information about their plan limits can be found here.

Setting up the integration

  1. Go to Smashlists and select Sign in with Todoist.
  2. Log in with your Todoist credentials. 
  3. You'll now be asked to grant Smashlists authorization to access data from your account. To continue, proceed with authorization by selecting Agree.
  4. Select your plan.

Using the integration

  1. In Smashlists, go to the Dashboard.
  2. Select Add Notification.
  3. Enter the name of your notification, select your projects, enter the email of the recipient and select your report frequency. Once you’ve done this, select Add Notification.


  1. In Smashlists, go to the Account tab.
  2. In the My Plan section, select Cancel my account.

This integration is managed by Smashlists. Please contact the Smashlists support team for help at