Troubleshoot issues with the Todoist for Gmail Add-on


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  • iOS
  • Android

The Todoist for Gmail add-on comes in handy when you need to add important emails as tasks. To use the add-on, log in to Gmail with your Google workspace account and click the Todoist icon in the right-hand sidebar.


However, if you see an error or the add-on stops working, this guide helps you troubleshoot these issues, so you can quickly get back on track.

Emails don’t open in Gmail for iOS

Due to a limitation with Gmail for iOS, tasks created with the Todoist add-on can’t open directly in the app. Instead, tapping the email associated with the task opens it in a new tab on Safari for iOS. 

Spinning circle while using the add-on in Safari

If you’re using Safari, and a spinning circle appears while using the Todoist for Gmail add-on, please follow these steps to allow pop-up windows for the browser:

  1. Open Todoist in Safari.
  2. Click Safari in the main menu at the top-left.
  3. Select Preferences...
  4. Open the Websites tab.
  5. Scroll down and select Pop-up Windows to the left.
  6. Open the menu next to and select Allow.

Add-on error while using Gmail for iOS

If you’re using the Todoist for Gmail add-on while on an iOS device, you may see an error message indicating that something went wrong while executing the add-on.

This happens because the Gmail app for iOS isn’t giving Todoist the permission it needs to grab the email subject line.

Unfortunately, this means the add-on no longer works with Todoist on your iOS device. A workaround would be to use the add-on through the web browser on your computer.

Get help

If you’re experiencing any other issues with the Todoist for Gmail add-on that’s not covered in this guide, get in touch with us.