Add tasks to Quick Note on your iPad

Available for

  • Beginner
  • Pro
  • Business


  • iOS


You can only use this feature on an iPad running iPadOS 15 or later. This isn't available on macOS or iOS devices.

If you like to make notes, you may want to link to one of your Todoist tasks within a note.

The good news is, if you have Todoist installed on an iPad, you can add links to your Todoist tasks in your Quick Note notes! 

  1. Open Todoist on your iPad and go to the project that has the task you want to add to a Quick Note.
  2. Swipe up from the bottom-right corner of your display to open Quick Note.
  3. Add whatever text you would like to have in your note.
  4. With Todoist open in the background, tap the task you want to add to your note.
  5. Select Add link +. A link to your task is now added to your note.