Add a Todoist widget to your Android home screen

Available for

  • Beginner
  • Pro
  • Business


  • Android

Todoist widgets give you easy access to your task list from your home screen, saving you time and keeping you on top of everything. There are three types of widgets you can place anywhere on your home screen:

  • Add task shortcut: Open Quick Add to add a task.
  • Task list widget: Control Todoist right from your home screen (see below).
  • Productivity widget: Get an overview of your current productivity stats, like how close you are to reaching your daily or weekly goals, as well as your current Karma score.


Weekly goals and trends are currently available on Pro and Business plans only.


Set up the Todoist widget

  • Touch and hold an empty area of the home screen.
  • Select Widgets.
  • Find Todoist.
  • Tap Todoist to see the list of available widgets. 
  • Touch and hold one of the widgets.
  • Drag and drop it onto your home screen.


Set up the Todoist task list widget

If you choose the Todoist task list widget, the Widget settings screen will open to help you customize your widget. As you select your options, you’ll see a preview of your widget at the top of the screen.

  • Choose view: Choose which view, project, label, or filter you’ll see in the widget. You can change this later.
  • Theme: Select a custom theme for the widget itself. From the classic Todoist red and white to dark theme, it’s up to you. This choice will only affect your widget theme.
  • Font size: Choose between the Normal size (as it appears in the app) or the Small size to see more tasks.
  • Opacity: Set how transparent your widget will be. 0 is fully transparent, 100 is opaque.
  • Compact mode: Select compact mode and your widget will display more tasks at once by reducing the size of each task. You’ll still see dates and priorities (as a color to the left of a task), but you won’t see a complete task circle. Simply tap a task to open task view to see every detail and complete the task.
  • Show Todoist icon: Select to show the Todoist icon in your widget’s toolbar. When you tap the app icon, it will take you straight to Todoist.
  • Use preset style: Choose from a handful of recommended preset styles like Transparent dark or Compact.

Tap the checkmark at the top-right to save your changes.image.png

Set up the Todoist productivity widget

The Widget settings screen will appear as soon as you've added the Productivity widget.

You can also customize your widget any time later by tapping the gear icon at the bottom right.

  • Theme: Select a custom color theme for your widget. You can easily change it depending on your mood or to better fit your screen background. The selected theme will be applied only to the widget itself.
  • Opacity: Set how transparent your widget will be: 0 is fully transparent, 100 is opaque.
  • Widget tap: Select whether you'd like to open the Productivity view or Home page on tap.
  • Productivity settings: Whether you’ve decided to be more ambitious or to slow down, edit your productivity goals whenever you need.
  • To resize the widget, touch and hold it. Then, drag the handles at the left and right edges to make the widget more wide or narrow.widgets-android-productivity-help-center.png

Use and change your Todoist task list widget

Once the Todoist widget is active, learn how to use it or change any of the widget settings:

  • Tap a task to open the task view and make changes to it.
  • Tap the circle icon to the left of a task to complete a task. However, this isn't available in Compact mode.
  • Tap the down arrow icon in the top-left of the widget to switch to another project, label, or filter.
  • Tap the plus button in the top-right to create a task.
  • Tap the gear icon in the top-right to open the Widget settings.
  • Tap the Todoist icon in the top-left to open the Todoist app.
  • Touch and hold the widget. Then, drag the handles at the edges to resize the widget to your preferred size. widgets-android-task-list-help-center.png

Change the widget theme

  • If your device wallpaper is dark, set the widget Theme to the Dark theme. Then, set the Opacity to 0%.
  • If your device wallpaper is light, set the widget Theme to the Neutral theme. Then, set the Opacity to 50% or higher.
  • The Todoist widget doesn't support the auto-dark theme in Android devices.


Check if Karma is enabled in your account. Go to the app settings and select Productivity. Make sure the checkbox next to Karma is selected. If you don’t have an internet connection and you’ve cleared the app cache, the Karma won’t be able to load.

This can be affected by an automatic battery saver that some devices have. Here's how you can fix this:

  1. Open your device Settings.
  2. Open Apps.
  3. Scroll down and find Todoist.
  4. Tap Battery and select Optimized battery usage.
  5. Tap back to save the change.